Top 8 Cheap Formal Summer Dresses For Women’s Wear by Soffio


Organza Pret Stage 4 - Summer Collection 

Summer and formal wear are always a difficult combination because, as a woman, you compete with other females for good looks. Summers are the season when everyone seeks bright and chic summer dresses. Here is a perfect summer dress for a formal occasion. This outfit is an ideal example of suitable attire and trendsetter elegance.

The embroidery detailing on the organza outfit adds a feminine feel to your appearance. The embroidered organza dupatta and raw silk trousers will enhance your formal appearance. Are you tired of searches on summer dresses or trending summer dresses? This is a three-piece stitched outfit with embroidery details and chic colour that would be the perfect appearance to wear on formal occasions.



Black Embroidery Organza

What dress is a good fit for your summer event? The colour black never goes out of fashion and should be in your selection for the perfect summer dress. If you are looking for the perfect black dress to wear to an event, do not look much further than our new collection of formal summer dresses. Grab this black outfit, as it offers an effortless elegance during summer.

The embroidery details of this outfit will complete your feminine attire. An organza embroidery shirt, raw silk trouser, and an organza dupatta is the best combination. You would want to wear this outfit to enjoy the perfect balance of elegance and formality at a formal summer event.

Stop searching online for the best summer dresses. This is an organza three-piece embroidered outfit that satisfies your obsession with black. An organza dupatta with raw silk trousers is ideal for summer dresses.


Formal Collection- SO486GG

Soffio is providing you with elegance with trending fashion ideas because women always need to dress well, simple but significant. This bluish-grey shirt enriched with simple and elegant embroidery on the neckline and sleeves is a pure, elegant outfit for any formal evening.

The detail of the thread work, the sequins, and the organza shirt are great for a formal evening.

This is a two-piece outfit in a grey-bluish colour that satisfies your formal, feminine look in summer. It is perfect for summer dresses as well as trending summer dresses.

Summer Formal Dress Design

Formal Collection- SO479CG

This is a three-piece contrast outfit. Here it is if you are looking for a formal printed outfit on your excellent summer day. Camo green printed organza shirt with sequin, and beaded embellishment is a pure chic vibe. Sleeves are heavily embellished. The Trouser is made of raw silk. 

The pink contrast dupatta gives perfection to this outfit. So why go through other websites when Soffio provides you with the best and trending summer dresses, even for formal wear? 

This contrast outfit is unique, as the embellishments and printed work on the shirt are perfect for your attire. Grab this outfit for your perfect formal day to give yourself a perfect feminine look.

Pakistan Formal Dresses



Stop searching online for the best summer dresses. This is an organza three-piece embroidered outfit that satisfies your obsession with black. An organza dupatta with raw silk trousers is ideal for summer dresses.

In addition to the elegant round-shaped neckline and hand-embellished printed front, this outfit is accentuated by slightly short printed sleeves with embellished borders, attached cotton silk inner and raw silk pencil trousers, beautifully paired with a floral digitally printed dupatta.

This outfit is perfect for your feminine attire.

Summer Formal Pret Wear


In the summer, it is easier for women to carry light-coloured clothing than dark ones. Outfit colour matters the most in your whole look. However, the best colour is that which looks good on you. And nothing goes better than a light colour in the summer.

The details of this outfit include a charming floral embroidered shirt in sheer organza fabric, a boat neckline, f full embroidered sleeves and attached inner viscose silk. This shirt is paired with grip pencil trousers and a dotted spray-printed organza dupatta.

Soffio Organza Pret


Pink has always been a favourite of girls and women. If you are seeking and searching for a pink-coloured outfit for your formal day in summer, here it is. This outfit will have a completely pinkish formal look and an elegantly pure chic vibe.

The details of this beautiful outfit include an elegant round shaped detailed hand-embellished neckline with hand embellished front on organza fabric slaying with hand embellished sleeves border, attached cotton silk inner, and hand embellished border on raw silk pencil trouser, beautifully paired with embroidered dupatta.

Handmade Formal Wedding Wear


Black Pret Formal Designer Dress

It is said that simplicity is the best fashion. Your outfit should be simple but elegant. This black and red outfit is a perfect example of simplicity and elegance. Black colour is both minimal and complicated, it's both sexy and simple, but when paired with black, it gives a pure trendsetting vibe. 

The details of this outfit include a straight kurta with fine classic threadwork in sheer organza fabric. Round neck heavily embroidered, full sleeves with embroidered border and attached inner viscose silk.

Black Pret Outfit

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